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Bellstrade Global Markets

About Bellstrade Global Markets

Bellstrade Global Markets is an emerging name in the financial tech industry of the world. It provides premium-class online trading services to corporate and individual clients from all across the globe.

Being a fintech-based company, Bellstrade Global Markets has brought together a team of highly qualified and extensively experienced professionals from both fields.

With over 50 trading, tech, and financial experts on board, the company focus on delivering a powerful trading combination of tools and expertise that is unmatched in the entire industry.

Bellstrade Global Markets is a client-centric brokerage firm that believes in always putting clients first. Every team member’s mission is to provide service excellence, 24/7 specialized support, and the latest trading information to clients.

Organizational Values

The brand is built on and promotes the values of integrity, honesty, ambition, and excellence.


The company strives to empower hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide with the opportunity to flourish in the CFD, Forex, Indices, Shares, and Commodities.


Bellstrade Global Markets was established with a vision to become a world leader in the fintech markets. The company aims to become an innovator of unique trading products and services that enable traders to seize global opportunities with efficiency and positive results.

Security is the most important aspect of trading.

Superior Security

 At Bellstrade Global Markets, we value the protection of our clients with great concern.
We endeavor to take all the necessary measures to enable you to trade internationally without any unnecessary threat.

  • Reliable and Secure Trading At Every evel
  • Pricing and Payments
  • Price Transparency is Ensured for Each Client
  • Accounts
  • Every Client’s Balance is Maintained in Secure Separate Accounts
  • Insured Funds
  • We Provide Insurance Cover of up to 1 Million Dollars.