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Accounts Bellstrade Global Markets

  1. Executive Trading Account

This account is for you if you are looking for convenient accessibility to XXX trading platform and efficient market order execution. It offers XX pairs of the most traded international currencies.

Seamless Trading

Opting for the Executive Trading Account, you can trade in XX different pairs of global currencies, precious metals and XXX commodities.

Flexible Account Operations

You can trade as per your choice and capital requirements using one account. There is no limitation on trade volume or block size.

Timely Market Execution

Trading is all about seizing the right opportunity at the right time. This account enables you to always be ready for trading and executing orders.

  1. Premier BDX Account

Suitable for professional-level traders, this account can cater to a diverse range of customized needs. It is aligned with the best trading practices of the world and offers competitive terms for expert traders.

Attractive Terms for Greater Benefits

This account allows you to do CFD trading in more than XXX currency pairs and precious metals like gold and silver. Leverage spreads and makes good profits by accessing technologically superior trading platforms.

Automated Trading Capabilities

The Premier Bellstrade Global Markets Account offers world-class tools like Expert Advisor or EA for an automated trading experience. It is a great way to optimize your efforts and make your trading activities fast and effective.

Deep Liquidity Provision

Account holders are entitled to deep liquidity at competitive institutional pricing. Wide-ranging trading platforms are equipped with sophisticated order management systems that enrich the trader’s experience with excellent results.

Educational Tools and Research Knowledge

All users will be provided with superior technical trading and market analysis reports ideal for making well-informed decisions. Graphical reports and price trend charts are key to helping you understand the forecast more accurately.

Organizational Values

The brand is built on and promotes the values of integrity, honesty, ambition, and excellence.


The company strives to empower hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide with the opportunity to flourish in the CFD, Forex, Indices, Shares, and Commodities.


Bellstrade Global Markets was established with a vision to become a world leader in the fintech markets. The company aims to become an innovator of unique trading products and services that enable traders to seize global opportunities with efficiency and positive results.

Security is the most important aspect of trading.

Superior Security

 At Bellstrade Global Markets, we value the protection of our clients with great concern.
We endeavor to take all the necessary measures to enable you to trade internationally without any unnecessary threat.

  • Reliable and Secure Trading At Every evel
  • Pricing and Payments
  • Price Transparency is Ensured for Each Client
  • Accounts
  • Every Client’s Balance is Maintained in Secure Separate Accounts
  • Insured Funds
  • We Provide Insurance Cover of up to 1 Million Dollars.