Compliance Policy

Bellstrade Global Markets

Compliance Policy

  • Regulatory Compliance

    BellsTrade Global Markets Limited support regulatory oversight of the industry and the protection of forex customers and strive to meet or exceed the requirements of our regulators.

    BellsTrade Global Markets Limited is an established, well-capitalized forex market maker, through our trade trading platform. We are also the authoritative source for currency data for leading companies, including tax authorities, accounting firms, and financial institutions.

    Financial Compliance

    BellsTrade Global Markets Limited is required to file financial reports with regulators in the jurisdictions where we do business. We retain an international professional accountant firm to audit our financial statements. We compile and submit our financial data to regulators on a regular basis.

    Financial regulations require BellsTrade Global Markets Limited to maintain capital reserves at specified levels.

    Risk Management

    BellsTrade Global Markets Limited keeps customer funds in accounts at top tier banks, and it is our policy to only withdraw customer funds as a direct result of their trade-related activities and only the assigned Account manager, approved by the client, is authorized to do it.

    We partner with the world’s leading banks to both access and provide global forex liquidity. To manage currency exposure and risk, we use sophisticated risk management technology to net aggregate client positions automatically and anonymously, and we immediately hedge outstanding aggregated positions above predefined thresholds with our partner banks.