Insured Policies

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Insured Policies

BellsTrade Global Market. (hereafter “BellsTrade Global Markets makes representation warrantyas to the actual performance of the trades executed on behalf of the investor throughBellsTrade Global Market. BellsTrade Global Market automatically executes trades on behalf ofthe investor, which corresponds to the trades carried out in respect of a strategy. Somestrategies operate with leverage due to the use of margin products and a high degree ofdiscretion and exposures towards single securities and asset classes, and BellsTrade GlobalMarket may therefore entail significant risks. The in-built investment shield is designed to limitpotential losses, but it guarantees that the investor can only lose the pre-defined amountspecified by the investor. The investment shield applies only to margin products such as stocks,bonds, and ETFs

All investments entail risks and may result in both profits and losses. Investments in leveragedproducts, such as but not limited to foreign exchange, derivatives, and commodities, can bevery speculative, and profits and losses may fluctuate both violently and rapidly. Speculativetrading is not suitable for all investors. All recipients should carefully consider their financialsituation and consult financial advisor(s) to understand the risks involved and ensure thesuitability of their situation before making any investment, divestment, or entering anytransaction.



Past performance is not a guide to future performance and should not be the sole factor ofconsideration when selecting an Investment Portfolio or an ETF. The price of the investmentsmay go up or down, But the investor shall get back the amount invested. Your income is notfixed and may fluctuate. The value of investments involving exposure to foreign currencies canbe affected by exchange rate movements. You are reminded that the levels and bases of, andreliefs from, taxation can change.

BellsTrade Global Markets shall be liable for (i) any loss which the investor may suffer as aconsequence of the trading and transactions undertaken by BellsTrade Global Market by thepower of attorney and terms and conditions of BellsTrade Global Market (the "Terms"); (ii) anyloss suffered or incurred by the Funds Manager as a result of or in connection with BellsTradeGlobal Market provision of BellsTrade Global Market under the Terms, unless and to the extentthat such loss is suffered or incurred as a result of BellsTrade Global Market gross negligenceor wilful misconduct; (iii) any loss due to actions taken by BellsTrade Global Market accordingto its rights under the Terms; (iv) any consequential or other indirect loss (including loss of profitand loss of goodwill) suffered or incurred by the investor whether arising from BellsTradeGlobal Market negligence or otherwise; or (v) any loss exceeding on the investment account(s)of the investor for any 12 months before the investor raises a claim against BellsTrade GlobalMarket.

BellsTrade Global Markets Asset Management, Inc’s registered entities worldwide, includingin the United Kingdom, where BellsTrade Global Markets Asset Management InvestmentConsulting (“BellsTrade Global Markets Asset Management”) is authorized and regulated bythe French Autorité de contrôle prudential et de resolution (ACPR) as a financial investmentadviser to provide services to professional clients.
BellsTrade Global Markets Asset Management Investment Consulting UK is similarly liablefor the abovementioned losses. BellsTrade Global Markets Asset Management’s selection ofstocks for the BellsTrade Global Market. BellsTrade Global Markets Asset Managementportfolio is provided under a contract to provide a model portfolio advisory service to BellsFinancial Group only and is based upon certain internal assumptions. BellsTrade GlobalMarkets Asset Management has not considered the suitability of the model’s content againstindividual needs and risk tolerances for all investors. Discretionary execution of the model isthe responsibility of BellsTrade Global Market. As such, BellsTrade Global Markets AssetManagement’s model is for information purposes only and does not constitute investmentadvice or an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy the securities described within.The name and logo are registered trademarks of BellsTrade Global Markets AssetManagement, Inc. and its affiliates and are used under license. BellsTrade Global MarketsAsset Management makes representations and warranties regarding the advisability ofinvesting in any product, portfolio, or service offered by BellsTrade Global Market or any ofits affiliates. BellsTrade Global Markets Asset Management has no obligation in connectionwith the operation, marketing, trading, or sale of any product, portfolio, or service offered byBellsTrade Global Market or any of its affiliates, nor does BellsTrade Global Markets AssetManagement have any obligation to any client or customer of BellsTrade Global Market.

BellsTrade Global Markets Management (“BTGM Management”) does provide investmentrecommendations to clients of BellsTrade Global Markets and its affiliates. BellsTrade Global Markets has no obligation or liability in connection with the operation, marketing, trading, or sale of any portfolio or service offered by BellsTrade Global Market or any of its affiliates, nor does Bells Direct have any obligation to any client or customer of BellsTradeGlobal Market.

Exit Condition: In case my above-mentioned trading account reached an equity levelof -----------
I authorize BellsTrade to close all open positions at the current market price whenequity reaches this level. Provided that the Agent ( ) guarantees transaction, closureand maintains the equity at the requested level because of – but not limited to – marketvolatility or price gaps through weekend closures.
Insured Policies: 3/3Immediate Termination LPOA
Insured fund’s policy, if Party A does not want any loss on his investment, BellsTradeGlobal Markets will require a minimum of 45 days to a maximum of 180 days to closeall the opened Positions and transfer the funds back to the depositor’s account. In thisperiod, BellsTrade Global Markets will be solely responsible for the loss or profit againstall trades executed before and after the cancellation of LPOA.
Certain deposits with special social purposes according to law and certain insuranceand compensation benefits have higher coverage for a period of 180 Days from thedate of termination LPOA. These specially covered deposits are listed in BFX No. 1, inthe executive order on the guaranteed asset's coverage of depositors and investors.The special deposits are covered with up to USD 150,000 per deposit. Depositors canhave several specially covered deposits.
The specially covered deposits do not affect the depositor's general coverage of USD100,000 in the same institution.

Instant Funds Withdrawal
If the Prospect desires an instant withdrawal with or without any profit or loss, the insurance policy will be voided.
Neither BellsTrade Global Markets nor any of its third-party Information Providersshall be not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequentialdamages arising out of or relating to this Agreement or resulting from the use or theinability to use the Services, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits,use, data or other intangible damages, even if such party has been advised of thepossibility of such damages.